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HelpNow for Higher Ed

Comprehensive Academic Support

Years of research, millions of tutoring sessions, and vast feedback from students, faculty, and administrators have shaped our HelpNow Support Suite. Our unique combination of mutually reinforcing, fully customizable services provides the tools you need to help your students succeed.


Research-based writing lab practices

Brainfuse writing lab tutors use proven methods to assist users throughout the writing process, from inception to final draft. Brainfuse tutors work with students to revise critically, develop sensitivity to one’s audience, and ultimately become better writers.

Dynamic group facilitation

Through MEET, Brainfuse empowers faculty to hold office hours and students to study with peers using the Brainfuse online classroom. With Brainwave, students can create and share movie-like notes to teach concepts or problems involving motion, sequence, or animation.

Proven Effectiveness

Extensive experience. High satisfaction. Lasting results.

Over the past 9 years, Brainfuse has completed over 4,000,000 tutoring sessions for college level students. The following information has been gathered from both institutional sources and user surveys.

Student satisfaction

98% of all students were satisfied with their tutoring sessions, as stated in a post-session survey. On average, 97% of all students also indicated they would recommend Brainfuse to a friend.

Higher retention rates

An analysis of aggregate data from higher education clients found retention rates were 11%-15% higher for students who used Brainfuse, even when controlling for other factors.











Manage your face-to-face tutoring

Your tutors can use our online classroom and scheduling software to provide tutoring to students. In addition, tutor administrators will be able to play back/view sessions, evaluate tutor performance, track student usage, and manage subjects offered and hours of availability.

Improve your campus writing lab

Our proprietary writing lab platform is available for your on-campus writing tutors to use. Our writing lab platform allows designated writing tutors to receive specific types of papers and allows administrators to view writing lab feedback and to monitor workflow.

Full training and support

Brainfuse provides full training and support to your tutors, program faculty, and program coordinators in how to use our TutorMatch system.

Customized integration

Besides the above integration areas, our development team is able, upon request, to customize other integration options.

Say Goodbye to Cumbersome Whiteboards

Techies didn’t design our whiteboard. We spent thousands of hours observing and listening to students. The result is a whiteboard that contains the features that students need most, and that is so simple and intuitive that students can use it right away, without training. After all, a student should never need tutoring to learn how to use a tutoring whiteboard.


Finally, a whiteboard that’s pencil and paper friendly.


“I love how I can just work through problems with pencil and paper and share it with my tutor. It’s magical.”

– Community College Student

So many math and science problems are best explored with pencil and paper. Anyone who has tried to do long division or solve an algebra problem with a keyboard understands this. So why would we make a tutoring whiteboard that prioritizes screen and keyboard features? Our proprietary Snap-n-Send function allows students to share and interact with handwritten or printed material in our online classroom in real-time.



  • 专家导师,随时准备提供帮助: 所有Brainfuse导师都是经验丰富的专业人士,拥有学士学位,并在协助Brainfuse用户之前完成密集的入职过程。
  • 指导学生而不提供答案: 通过各种个性化技术,Brainfuse导师与学生合作,帮助他们解决问题,而不是提供解决方案。
  • 严格的质量控制: 我们的综合监控和审查系统为导师提供实时指导和教学策略,并帮助学生处理特殊的辅导请求。
  • 学术诚信事项: 除了不提供答案外,Brainfuse导师还全天候通知我们的监控人员涉嫌剽窃,并与学生讨论学术诚信的重要性。



Brainfuse Dashboard是在线辅导提供商提供的最用户友好、最全面的数据聚合工具之一,它允许您花费更多的时间分析数据,减少检索数据的时间。











  • Windows 95或更高版本
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 主动Internet连接28.8 Kb/s(拨号可访问)


  • Mac OS X及以上版本
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 活动Internet连接28.8Kb/s(拨号访问)

iOS(通过我们的 移动应用程序)

Android(通过我们的 移动应用程序)

符合ADA: Brainfuse服务符合第508节标准,并遵守Web无障碍倡议制定的Web内容无障碍指南。